The Orchid Language Pack bundle is not a ready-to-use bundle, but does group together all the plugins designed to improve your composing and documenting experience. All official Orchid plugins which add new Compilers, markup your page content, or otherwise extend the language capabilities of your Orchid site are bundled here. Some examples include:

  • Compile your pages with Asciidoctor by using the .ad or .asciidoc file extension
  • Add syntax highlighting to your code snippets. Choose from static highlighting with Pygments, or browser-side highlighting with Prism.js.
  • Load the text of Bible verse references automatically. Choose from static references loading with a Markdown extension, or use the Faithlife Reftagger.js to load verses on-demand.


dependencies {
libraryDependencies += "io.github.javaeden.orchid" % "OrchidLanguagePack" % "0.21.2"

Included In This Bundle