Embed Kotlin and Java documentation in your Orchid site using Dokka.


The OrchidKotlindoc plugin integrates with the Dokka tool to embed class and package info from Kotlin and Java source code directly in your Orchid site. Comment text is compiled as Markdown, and is also fully-searchable with the OrchidSearch plugin.

The behavior of the OrchidKotlindoc is changing. Please see the 0.18.0 Migration Guide for more details.

This plugin is being deprecated in favor of a new, more unified, and more modular code-documentation plugin, OrchidSourceDoc. All configuration will be defined by that plugin, and this plugin will simply provide Kotlin language support for that plugin.

The new system is currently experimental and is an opt-in feature for 0.18.x Orchid versions. It can be enabled now with the --experimentalSourceDoc CLI flag. The legacy behavior is scheduled for removal in version 0.19.0.



The article How to Document a Kotlin Project is the best way to get started using Orchid for code documentation, check it out for a beginning-to-end guide to using Orchid.

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